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Exam Structure


The FP&A exam consists of two parts – Part I and Part II – that require a mastery of the critical skills, knowledge and abilities involved in the corporate financial planning & analysis function. The parts may be taken together or separately. Each part contains questions in several different areas of expertise. A short description of these areas and the examination weightings (the percentage of the exam allocated to each area of expertise) are presented in the following document. Download the PDF. Both parts of the exam will be offered in the Beta testing window February 1 – March 31, 2014. Part I - Financial Acumen is a 135 question computer-based exam. Part II - Financial Analysis is a 170 question computer-based exam. The exam questions may be a combination of multiple choice, fill in the blank or spreadsheet-based questions.

FP&A Examination Format
Part   Total Examination* Questions   Testing Time*  
Part I 100-150 3 hrs
Part II 130-170 4.5 hrs


*Testing time includes time for a short tutorial and a survey. The total number of scored questions and testing time will be finalized in October 2013.

Part I and Part II of the FP&A exam do not have to be taken separately or in any order. Candidates may choose, based on test site availability, to take both parts on the same day or on different days in the Beta window.

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