Eligible candidates can move one or both exam parts from the current testing window to the next available testing window for a  $125 USD fee per exam part. Only one transfer will be permitted per new or re-examination application for each exam part. Candidates must cancel their existing exam appointment at least on full business day (24 hours) in advance; otherwise they are subject to the "no-show" penalty fee of $100 USD per exam part.

Applicants must complete and submit a form for each exam part they wish to transfer:

Failure to cancel a scheduled appointment, according to the Pearson VUE cancellation policy, will result in a $100 no-show penalty fee. Authorizations to Test will not be issued until the no-show fee has been paid.

Candidates who were new applicants between the testing windows of February-March 2014 and February-March 2018 were registered to take both parts of the examination within the same testing window. These candidates may be eligible to move one exam part to the next available window at no cost. Only one complimentary transfer for either Part I OR Part II will be approved. Following the use of the one complimentary transfer, the standard transfer fee of $125 will apply.

Please note: Transfers (moving one or both examination parts from the current window to the next available window) will no longer be an option, effective April 1, 2019. You may re-register for a future window if you need to move your exam window.

For questions regarding complimentary transfers, please contact the Certification Department at