Upon enrollment candidates will be registered to take both parts of the examination within the same testing window. Should a candidate wish to move one exam part to the next available window, one complimentary transfer will be approved for this purpose. Only one complimentary transfer for either Part I OR Part II will be approved. Following the use of the one complimentary transfer, the standard transfer fee of $125 will apply. Please read the Transfers section of this page for more information.

Please note: candidate who are new applicants for the February-March 2018 (2018A) testing window will be the last group of candidates eligible to receive a complimentary transfer. Candidates who are new applicants for the August-September 2018 (2018B) window and for all subsequent windows will not receive a complimentary transfer with their enrollment.

Following the use of the complimentary transfer, a $125 USD fee per exam part will be applied to all candidates who wish to make this change. Only one transfer will be permitted per new or re-examination application for each exam part. Candidates must cancel their existing exam appointment at least on full business day (24 hours) in advance; otherwise they are subject to the "no-show" penalty fee of $100 USD per exam part.

Applicants must complete and submit a form for each exam part they wish to transfer: