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FP&A Exam Preparation Blog

About the FP&A Exam Prep Blog

Mar 4, 2016

Welcome to the FP&A Exam Preparation Blog, a new resource to help aspiring Certified Corporate FP&A Professionals study for the exam. 

The FP&A Exam Prep Blog provides tips from FP&A candidates preparing for the exam, as well as recent certificants and other financial planning and analysis experts. You’ll also find insights from practitioners on why earning the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credential can help you further your career in business planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Be sure to check back regularly for posts that will help you in your pursuit of the FP&A certification. Additionally, we are always looking for new FP&A Prep Bloggers, so if you are interested in sharing your experiences, please reach out to Andrew Deichler, editor of the FP&A Preparation Blog, or AFP’s Certification Department.

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