When to Recertify

FP&A Certification is valid for three years. A Certified Corporate FP&A Professional must earn and report a total of 45 continuing education (CE) credits within every three year recertification cycle and pay the recertification fee to maintain the FP&A credential. Educational programs do not necessarily need to be produced by AFP to qualify. Also, though highly encouraged, membership in AFP is not required to maintain the FP&A credential, though membership does earn continuing education credits.

It is the responsibility of each FP&A professional to maintain records documenting qualified credits earned. AFP reserves the right to audit that documentation. Any reported credits that cannot be verified during an audit process will be disqualified. A program agenda and a letter signed and dated by the program sponsor/provider is acceptable documentation. Records of documentation should be retained for two full years after completion of each three year recertification cycle.

Continuing education credits are awarded at a rate of one credit per fifty minutes of instruction.