FP&A Policy Changes

After carefully considering feedback from candidates, AFP has made changes to simplify the registration policies for the FP&A program. 

Program Updates for 2019 include:

   •   Re-Registration fees (formerly known as Re-Examination fees) will be lowered to $250 per part from $350, effective June 23, 2018 beginning with the February - March 2019 (2019A) window.

   •   Transfers (moving one or both examination parts from the current window to the next available window) will no longer be an option, effective April 1, 2019. You may re-register for a future window if you need to move your exam window.

   •   The February - March 2019 (2019A) testing window will be the last testing window to utilize the current edition of the Learning System. The new learning tool will be effective starting with the August - September 2019 (2019B) testing window through February - March 2024 (2024A). Candidates who previously purchased a Learning System and are still enrolled, but have not yet passed both parts of the test, will receive the updated material at no cost.

   •   The test specifications will be changing for the 2019B testing window. Please see pages 8 - 9 of the Certification Candidate Handbook for the updated list of specifications.