Test Specifications -2019B - 2024A

Using the job analysis results, a committee of volunteers with extensive FP&A field experience, develop the specifications (number of exam question items per knowledge domain) for the FPAC examination. The examination is broken down into two parts.

Part I – Financial Acumen

Understanding and Managing Financial Information and Business Relationships (140 Questions)

  • Domain A: Concepts of Business and Finance – 52-58%
  • Domain B: Systems and Technology – 17-23%
  • Domain C: Business Partnering – 22-28%

Part II – Financial Analysis and Business Support

Building and Interpreting Financial Projections (55 Questions)

  • Domain A: Analysis and Projections – 37-43%
  • Domain B: Models and Analytics – 42-48%
  • Domain C: Business Communication – 12-18%
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