Exam Functionality Tutorial

The FP&A Examination will contain multiple-choice items on the Part I exam and spreadsheet based items and case analysis items on the Part II exam. Below are a series of video exam tutorials, which demonstrates how the testing system works. While a version of this tutorial is available for candidates to view at the beginning of their test, it is recommended that candidates review the tutorials in advance of their exam date so that they can use more of the time allotted to the tutorial (20 minutes) to practice with the spreadsheet tool in the sample items provided at the end of the tutorial.

The spreadsheet tool works like many commercially available spreadsheets and uses similar syntax for formulas.  A searchable list of select spreadsheet functions and their related descriptions is provided within the exam (in the Spreadsheet Functions tab in the Help window).  The list provides information on the financial functions, statistical functions and math and trigonometry functions.  Please click here to download a copy of this list.  This list is provided for candidates who would like to view it in advance of their exam.  Candidates are not required to study the entire list.

A built-in calculator is provided within the exam on all multiple choice items and has two available options:  a standard four-function calculator and a scientific calculator.  (A financial calculator is not available.)  Candidates who prefer a handheld four-function calculator should contact Pearson VUE directly in order to confirm that a calculator will be available.  In the event that the test center cannot provide a standard four-function calculator, please contact AFP directly in order to submit a request to the testing site. No other calculators will be allowed in the testing room.

Viewers can open the PDF of the tutorial slides and follow along as needed. For the slides of the tutorial below, please click here.

To view in full screen, please click here.

Tutorial 1:  Exam Structure and Navigation

This tutorial video looks at the format and timing for the FP&A certification examinations. It also explains certain functionality within the testing system and shows you how to move through the exams. 

Tutorial 2: Multiple-Choice (MCQ) Items in the FP&A Part I Exam

This tutorial video looks at the multiple-choice item type used in the Part I FP&A exam. 

Tutorial 3: Task-Based Simulation (TBS) Items in the FP&A Part II Exam

This tutorial video looks at the task-based simulation, or “TBS,” item type used in the Part II FP&A exam.

Tutorial 4:  Case Analysis Items in the FP&A Part II Exam

This tutorial video looks at the case analysis item type used in the Part II FP&A exam. 

Tutorial 5: Spreadsheet and Calculator Tools

This tutorial video looks at the functionality of the spreadsheet tool and the calculator that are provided in certain parts of the FP&A exams.

A browser-version of the spreadsheet is available for candidates to familiarize themselves with the software. Please click here to access the practice spreadsheet.