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• Tips for Test Day

"I recommend using the 'flag' feature for questions that you find particularly concerning. Before moving past the 'flagged' questions, still choose an answer, so that you have a shot at getting the question right, even if you run out of time."

• Statistical Functions

"The norm.dist function is used to calculate probabilities associated with a variable being above or below a certain value. You may remember looking up probability values in the back of statistics books in college. The Excel function is much more efficient."

• Task-Based Simulation Problems

"I approached my studying by making sure I refreshed my understanding of basic finance concepts and theories. I also skipped through the more challenging problems first in order to build my confidence. After I completed a few answers, the previous problems that I skipped started to become easier to process and I was able to think analytically and solve the remaining problems." 

• Exam Questions for FP&A Part I

"Here are a few tips I used for learning the ratios. Break the ratios out into the sections provided by the learning system. Don't just memorize the formulas. Try to understand the concept behind each ratio." 

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