Who's Hiring FPACs?

FPAC professionals are in demand. When you earn the FPAC you stand out from the crowd – and employers notice. 

A Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC) is a financial expert, a strategic and adept communicator and a trusted advisor for the business. When you become certified in FP&A, you will prove that you have deep knowledge of the entire decision process and are able to contribute to and be responsible for individual components of that process. You also will validate that you know how to perform these functions accurately and efficiently, and can identify, assess and adapt the process to changes in the business environment. 

Upward mobility

Current Job Listings for FPACs

updated January 4, 2024

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

  • Lead Financial Planning Analyst | Des Moines, IA | Learn More

Discount Tire

  • Senior Financial Analyst | Scottsdale, AZ | Learn More

Kaiser Permanente

  • Director, Financial Planning and Analysis | Pasadena, CA | Learn More

Palmer Group


  • Lead Financial Planning Analyst | Des Moines, IA | Learn More